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Create Your Own Calendar

A friend called me a few mornings ago,”So you know there’s a full moon with a lunar eclipse and it’s messing around with your rising sign of Leo, right?” My response, “Huh, I knew I seemed a little more crazy as of late. Thanks for the heads up.” Then another friend called later in the day, “Hey did you know that the Lion’s Gate is opening soon??” “Lion’s what?” “Lion’s gate! I’ll send you the article.” Another friend texted, “When does Mercury Retrograde start? I want to be prepared!”

I don’t know about you, but it seems like everywhere I turn there’s some “huge”  energetic event that’s going to throw me for a loop, like a lunar eclipse or a solar eclipse or the lion’s gate opening or mercury retrograde or a full moon or a new moon.

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August 29th: Angel of Emergence

Angel of Emergence from Angels, Gods and Goddesses. When heading in to Mercury Retrograde, we focus on the negative or what will go wrong. We wonder which technological device with fizzle out or where miscommunication will happen.We fail to remember that Mercury Retrograde allows us time to slow down and reconnect to what is important. This process of looking within allows us to have a period of “cocooning” so that we can emerge as a butterfly at the end. Take advantage of the energy being presented to you. This is the beginning of a wondrous transformation into your new fall energy. Use the pause as time to re-center before leaping forward.

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