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October 3rd: Seeing the Beauty

Don’t fall into the trap of finding what is wrong with where you are and what you are doing. It’s so easy to find the negative—to complain. Often we focus on what isn’t working because for us that is the most apparent thing. We always notice what isn’t going right, first. But have you stopped recently to think of everything that is going right? About all the pieces that ARE falling into place? When things are going smoothly, we don’t notice and appreciate that they are flowing easily.


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Monthly Reading for May 2015

May is traditionally known as a month of celebration for Mother Mary.  In honor of her help, healing, and nurturing, I did a monthly card reading asking her guidance for May for everyone. The reading is from Mary, Queen of Angels by Doreen Virtue.

Overall feel: Jesus 
Jesus was a great healer and continues his healing mission still today.  Whether or not you believe in the traditional view of Jesus, he still can offer his support and guidance, especially in healing emotional and physical pain.  May is going to be a month of healing and resolving of issues that have been around for a while.  This can be overwhelming at times so ask Jesus to help you heal and accept the changes gracefully.  With his and Mary's support, it should help you to make the necessary changes and help you to flourish while on your journey.

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Angel Prayers Oracle

I wanted to review an Angel Oracle deck this month because a lot of people ask, “What deck is right for me?”  There are A LOT of Angel Decks out there.  I know I haven’t seen or worked with all of them, but I have worked with quite a few.  Some are good, some are awful, and some are confusing.  So when I recommend a deck, I want it to be really good, easy to use, and really able to dig in there and address all parts of life - not just the fluffy ones.  While I can’t say that Angel Prayers Oracle by Kyle Gray is perfect for everyone, I can say “This is one amazing deck!”

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