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Celebrate Your Tribe

Part of experiencing joy in life is being open to seeing the everyday with new eyes. It’s tapping into that childlike wonder and awe that we all once possessed. The kind of awe that makes you stop and admire a particularly pretty rock or flower. It’s about going deeper and seeing the Divine in everything and everyone and taking the time to be grateful for the beauty that surrounds you.

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Small Things Make a Difference

Let’s face it: The world is a bit of a mess right now. Everywhere you look, it seems as if things are going wrong and falling apart. It can get to be too much to think about, to focus on. When things get to be that overwhelming, it can cause us to shut down and go into a state of despair—feeling like nothing we do can make a difference. It feels like the problem is too big for us to tackle—that your actions won’t affect the greater picture.

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