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August 8th: Lady of the Rose

Lady of the Rose from the Universal Wisdom Oracle. This week, tap into your intuitive self and rely on your inner wisdom. As souls, we possess wisdom and knowledge from the Other Side. As humans, we forget much of what we knew before we incarnated. Our lives are a process of re-remembering these Truths. Take time to carve out quiet time to access this knowledge within you. Reach out to your Spirit Team to help guide you and aid you in bringing important Soul Information to the surface of your conscious mind.

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Life Between Lives

If you have ever done a past life regression, you know that the information you receive can be life changing.  For those of you who have never done one, it’s a way to go deep into your soul through hypnosis and receive information about past incarnations.  This information is meant to help you in some way with understanding your current life and challenges.

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Adventures of the Soul

I have had a lot of clients come in recently and ask about what happens after we die.  It's not a light question and there are as many answers out there as there are people.  So, of course, I felt compelled to go on a book hunt to find something that would be approachable and good for people just starting out on their journey to finding their Truth.

Adventures of the Soul by James Van Praagh, was exactly what I was searching for.  It's interesting how this book found me.  ...

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