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Soul Time

I ran away for some much needed “soul time” with one my tribe in Chicago for the weekend. It has been both relaxing and grounding in a way that’s different than meditation or yoga or a massage. It’s revitalized me in a way that those things can’t and stirred places in my soul that definitely needed stirring. It also shone a light on an area of my life that wasn’t in balance. 

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Empath First Aid

Have you been saying to yourself: "I'm so tired, but I have no idea why" or "I feel zapped but there's no reason for it". Maybe the reason is that your Empathic Self needs a little self care.

Let’s face it, there are just some moments in time when the energy is so high and charged and conflicting that empaths are more susceptible to burn out. It’s too much to process and filter. Everything shuts down. We feel our energy lagging. Our anxiety rising. Maybe even a little depressed. We may even overeat to help with the overload. We’re not grounded and we can’t see a way out.

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