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Flowing Within Structure

It’s time to get some perspective on how you are structuring your life. Structure can provide a stable foundation, but you can also go too far with it. If you become too rigid, you are unable to navigate life’s waters with ease. If you’re too loose with your structure, you are unable to make the energy work for you.  You’re looking to find balance this week.

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Importance of Love

What part do you play in your life? In your emotional state? As Valentine’s Day approaches, we become hyper aware of the love in our life—whether it be romantic or otherwise. Some of us look to see where that love is lacking. Some of us see the part of love that flows. The question you must ask yourself in terms of love is: What part do I play in how love enters and exists in my life? It’s a pretty big question...

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October 3rd: Seeing the Beauty

Don’t fall into the trap of finding what is wrong with where you are and what you are doing. It’s so easy to find the negative—to complain. Often we focus on what isn’t working because for us that is the most apparent thing. We always notice what isn’t going right, first. But have you stopped recently to think of everything that is going right? About all the pieces that ARE falling into place? When things are going smoothly, we don’t notice and appreciate that they are flowing easily.


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