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Diving Deep

As a global collective, we are undergoing a huge amount of change in a very short period of time. It’s uncomfortable. It’s ugly. It’s necessary. Basically, change sucks sometimes. The trick is to not get so overwhelmed with it all that you get frustrated and feel like your efforts aren’t making a difference or you give up and quit all together. This week, loss of hope is going to be our’s and our global community’s greatest challenge, as events continue to pop up that make it appear like the Light has gone out. It hasn’t and you have the power to do something about it.


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Illuminating the Shadow: A Winter Solstice Soul Tarot Layout

The darkness of winter lends itself to being quiet and introspective. We curl under our blankets next to a fire (or a heater) or gather with friends and family to share the warmth of love. The Winter Solstice is no exception. It gives us the chance to go within and look at what we have accomplished butwe also look at what we think is holding us back. What if we could use the Winter Solstice Energy to look the things that we consider “chains”, “bindings”, or “limitations” and see them for what they really are: Opportunities.

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