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Slow Down & Turn Within

Slow & Steady, Strength, & Ace of Swords

Stop. Take a deep breath. It’s time to slow down this week and do a little introspective work. That advice may be the exact opposite of what you were hoping for. Maybe you have the desire to jump up and just do something—anything—, but that’s not what needs to happen. With chaos happening everywhere, slowing down will get you to where you need to be. If you continue to rush, you’ll be unprepared and the momentum won’t last.  You may even be “forced” to slow down. This week focus on these two ideas...

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New Year, New Soul Resolutions

The New Year: Full of hope and possibility. Unless, apparently you are me. I woke up this morning with the worst anxiety. The. Worst. There was no happy, just this panic—like I had missed the train or something and there wasn’t going to be another one. I started thinking about all the things I hadn’t done this year, this week, yesterday. I was thinking, “I missed something last year! What was it? Can I fix it? I should have…”  I didn’t know what hadn’t been done(well I do, a list list of stuff from over the last two weeks was staring at me), but clearly from the anxiety hanging over me it was something big. I had missed an opportunity--or so I thought.

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