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Calm the Whirlwind

When we get busy and there’s noise and activity all around us, we can lose our footing and our imaginations can get away from us, creating scenarios that are fear based. Worries like: “what if this doesn’t work” or “what if this relationship ends” or “what if I can’t give everyone what they want” can create a whirlwind that turns into a tornado if left unchecked. It can leave us feeling like everything is off or wrong and we are out of sync. The thing is: we can change that, if we desire to.

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Mother/Daughter Full Moon Readings

My daughter and I did our full moon readings today because we had a moment to stop and reflect. 
Doing these readings with a 7 year old is super enlightening. It was so funny to listen to her talk to herself about the cards she drew: “I get the Unicorn. Who doesn’t want to use their imagination, but I’m not sure I get the Fox...does this mean I have to help YOU more but not tell you?”

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