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Living Your Truth

You can’t make someone change their truth. It’s all they have known up until this point. You can’t even make someone see “The Truth”. That’s not your job—leave that one up to the Divine. If they aren’t ready or not there yet, they won’t understand it or see it even if it appears obvious to you. No matter how hard you try—and if you attack them head on they will never hear what you have to say.

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Adventures of the Soul

I have had a lot of clients come in recently and ask about what happens after we die.  It's not a light question and there are as many answers out there as there are people.  So, of course, I felt compelled to go on a book hunt to find something that would be approachable and good for people just starting out on their journey to finding their Truth.

Adventures of the Soul by James Van Praagh, was exactly what I was searching for.  It's interesting how this book found me.  ...

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