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Day Twenty: Dreaming Our World

What is your vision for your life? For the world? Many shamanic healers believe we dream our world/our reality into existence. Think about that for a moment. Not only can we dream and visualize positive things into our lives, but every thought or idea or judgement or assumption creates our reality, as well. Every. One.

That’s huge. Now look around you. Look at your life.....

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Day Seventeen: The Power of Prayer

They say prayer can move mountains, heal the sick, bring calm during the storm. When was the last time you prayed? I don’t think I’ve prayed in a while. I meditate, but I don’t recite formal prayers. If you can count a stream of conscious thought process said aloud to the Divine, then I prayed this afternoon, I suppose.

There’s something magical about a formal prayer. Maybe it’s the idea of a group of people bringing the energy together to create something good. Maybe it’s the often poetic nature of prayer. I mean it just sounds really good, so God/Divine must hear it right?

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