The Golden Rule

Weekly Love Note From Spirit

The Mother’s Wisdom Oracle Deck

Ixchel & Kuan Yin from The Mother's Wisdom Deck

Ixchel & Kuan Yin from The Mother's Wisdom Deck

Some days, it can feel as though the world is falling apart—that no matter what we do, we can’t change or help or know enough to make a difference. We’re just wandering in the dark—and how are we supposed to navigate that??? Perhaps, a shift in HOW we do things is what is needed. 

We can’t control everything. We can’t change everything. We can’t know all and we may not be able to see the whole picture and know just what to do—and Spirit says, that’s ok. 

We don’t have to know everything in order to move through the world in a more compassionate and empathetic way. And that’s the gift—the key—to making it all work and to improving the state of things whether it’s on a global level or a soul level. 

It’s really quite simple: The Golden Rule. Treat those around you they way you would want them to treat you. Be kind. Make the most respectful deduction when in conflict. Don’t assume. Don’t judge. Don’t let your ego run the show. Go out of your way to have understanding and most importantly have patience—with your self and those around you because we are all growing at different rates and in different ways. And EVERY path has beauty in it.