The Magic of Patience

The Crystal Spirits Oracle

The Crystal Spirits Oracle

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You may find yourself lacking patience this week, wanting to force things forward or make your intentions magically appear RIGHT NOW. It can be incredibly frustrating when life doesn’t unfold how we think it should. This week a little more patience is needed in your life.

As you work to shift your life or make changes in it, you need to remember that the energy you are creating now is what is co-creating your future. This means that the present energy you’re working with is coming from your past choices and intentions. Your past may not be lining up with your future. And that’s ok—but you need to take a step back and allow things to shift behind the scenes, so you can move forward into something different.

Maybe you have a clear idea of what you want to bring into the world and are confused as to why it’s taking so long. Or perhaps, you’re just about to give up on a dream because you’ve been working on it so long and nothing is happening. Waiting can be pretty frustrating at times, especially when we have a clear picture of how we think things should unfold. It’s so easy to get a little impatient waiting for things to happen, but you may not be ready or in the right place to make your intentions come to life. You may need to learn a few more things before it all comes to be.

What to do with that impatience? Spirit’s advice this week is to take a step back from how you think things SHOULD be and, instead, embrace the idea of just LETTING things unfold. Be ok with not knowing where it may all end up. Stay open and curious about where things might go. Manifesting is less about forcing and more about allowing. Get clear on how you want to feel with this new change rather than what you specifically want these changes to look like. If you can be clear about how you want to feel, you can make choices that support that even if you don’t have clarity about where exactly things are going and how they are unfolding. Allow things to flow without judgement. You may find that through allowing, you finally find what you were looking for.

Cards used were from The Crystal Spirits Oracle by Colette Baron-Reid, published by Hay House.