Time to Take Action

Time to Take Action

Weekly Reading

April 2, 2017

Yang, Seven of Bows-Clearance, & The Fates Reversed

Spring lends itself to new growth and expansion, but only if you release the old. This week is perfect for taking action, moving forward and creating. There’s a lot of forward momentum and creative energy that you can tap into. Take advantage of this and create something new and beautiful.

However, this doesn't mean that this energy won't bring its own set of challenges to your door. Before you try to tap into the forward motion and change things, a little bit of preparation is required. It’s time to “spring clean.” In order to welcome this new energy in, you need to get rid of the old energy that is holding you back. It’s all about creating space in your life. You can’t welcome something new if there’s no room for it.

Start cutting away what isn’t working for you and what you no longer need. Maybe it’s emotional stuff you’re holding on to or perhaps a relationship that whose time is up. It could even be physical stuff you’ve collected in your house over the past year. The key to success in this “spring cleaning” is knowing what to let go of.

It’s also about understanding what you have control of and what you don’t.  You’ll only get frustrated if you try to change something that isn’t within your control. Ask Spirit to guide you to see the things you can change and give you the grace to understand the things you can’t. Then clean up what you do control with gusto and watch things grow, change and unfold before your eyes!

The decks used today were Wisdom of the Oracle by Colette Baron-Reid, published by Hay House and The Wildwood Tarot by Mark Ryan, John Matthews, illustrated by Will Worthington.