Understand Your Filter

Keepers of the Light

Keepers of the Light

Lady Venus | Master Buddha

Your soul is trying to communicate with you. Why then are you still so confused? It’s time to trust those intuitive nudges and downloads you’ve been getting. You may not always recognize or understand the signs and messages you are receiving. That’s totally ok! Your own personal filter may be getting in the way.

Take some time to slow down and figure out what’s going on in your emotional landscape, first. What are you really feeling? Where are you holding it in your body? By slowing down and increasing awareness in what is happening with you, you help move fear out of the way, so you can gain a clearer understanding of what is being sent to you.

Think of it like a pot of coffee: The water drips down (Spirit’s messages) and into the grounds and the filter (your own personal filter made of up of your experiences). Then, the pure clear water is tinged brown and flows into the pot in the form of coffee (Spirit’s messages after you’ve added your fears/beliefs/biases).

But what if you were to dump that old filter out and put in a fresh new one? What if you were to cut down on the grounds—or put no grounds in? The water would come out clearer. By slowing down and understanding what your filter is, you can also clear up the messages coming through from Spirit. You don’t tinge the water with debris or maybe you just don’t have as much junk clogging it up. You’re better able to keep yourself clear and see what they are really trying to tell you.

Look at your filter today and see how you can clean it up to get crystal clear messages for yourself.

Cards used were from Keepers of the Light by Kyle Gray, published by Hay House Publishing.