Which Choice to Choose?

Love Note From Spirit

The Good Tarot

The Good Tarot by Colette Baron-Reid

The Good Tarot by Colette Baron-Reid

2 of Fire | 7 of Fire

Are there so many choices in front of you that you sometimes get stuck on which choice to choose or how to move forward? You then stall out, unable to move forward. That stall out CAN be a really stressful place to be, but it doesn’t HAVE to be a stressful place. What if you were to shift your perspective of this slowing down and look at it as a gift, rather than an obstacle or a place to force things through?

Spirit is asking you to see the potential of this pause in your life. Think of it like them giving you space to step back and really review all the choices and possible paths in front of you. Now is not the time to rush forward with things. It’s the time to contemplate what possibilities lie ahead. Look at all the potential choices that are in front of you. Take the time to sit with each one. How does each choice make you feel? Which ones are you most excited about? Which ones make you feel heavy or anxious? There’s a lot to consider and weigh out before you jump all in. Take a step back, find peace, and just “be” with what is in front of you, rather than thinking you have to choose right now or figure out how you will make it work.

After taking time to pause and be at peace in the stillness, in the stall out, the next step is to tap into your passion—your soul fire. Your passion is what helps you move around the obstacles in front of you. Which of these choices in front of you makes your heart sing? What allows you to express yourself and express the Truth of who you are? What supports you and your Greatness? The fire and excitement you receive from choosing things that compliment the unique and amazing person you are will help you to launch forward into the next phase of being.

Cards used were from The Good Tarot by Colette Baron-Reid, published by Hay House.