You Are Perfect

Angel Prayers

Angel Prayers

Honor Your Beauty~AA Jophiel | Take A Step Back

You are spectacularly beautiful! If you could see yourself through the eyes of your angels, you would be amazed at what you would find. Your soul glows like a million stars. Your body is the perfect vehicle to support you right now. Why are you judging yourself so harshly and feeling like you come up short?

You. Are. Perfect. Allow you light to shine through here on Earth. Let go of what you feel are your short comings—physically or spiritually. Take a step back from people who are constantly pointing out your flaws or making you feel less then. Slow down and acknowledge what you love about yourself.

Is it your kindness and compassion? Your eyes? Your voice? Is it your arms because they let you hold your loved ones tight? Or your legs because they carry you on this journey? Maybe it’s your heart because it allows you to live and to love. It’s vital to your being that you recognize what makes you beautiful every single day. Write it on a sticky note and put it on your mirror, so you can remind yourself every morning that you are amazing!

I challenge you to share one thing you think is beautiful about your soul and about your body below in the comments. Start reclaiming your light and power again today!

Cards used were from Angel Prayers by Kyle Gray, published by Hay House Publishing.