Guardian Angel Reading - Seasonal (email)

Guardian Angel Reading - Seasonal (email)

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In celebration of becoming a Kyle Grey Certified Angel Guide, I am offering a special on my new Guardian Angel Readings!

I love these readings because we get to connect with your Guardian Angel and other angelic energies that are surrounding you at this time. They help give guidance on what is happening in the present moment and advice about how you can shift to access your Greatness. I also help you with ways and ideas on how to connect with them, so you can start building your own personal relationship.

These readings cover everything you'd want to know about:

  • Home and Family

  • Career and Life Purpose

  • Relationships and Romance

  • The Past/Present/Future

  • Your Strength/Heart/Challenge

These readings will arrive in a personalized Soul Book PDF form. Normally these readings would be $125… However, a limited number will be available at a discounted $88 per reading until midnight Monday March 11, 2019.

If you've ever wanted to connect to your Guardian Angel, this is the perfect opportunity for you! Please email me if you have any questions if this reading will be right for you!