Seasonal Offerings

Finding the light

A Winter solstice reading

The darkness of winter lends itself to being quiet and introspective. We curl under our blankets next to a fire (or a heater) or gather with friends and family to share the warmth of love. The Winter Solstice is no exception. It not only gives us the chance to go within and look at what we have accomplished but also look at what is holding us back.

What if we could use the Winter Solstice Energy to look the things that we consider “limitations” and see them for what they really are: Opportunities to heal and find the light within?

Finding the Light: A Winter Solstice Soul Tarot Reading is designed so that you can see what your old story is and what are the limitations you’ve place on yourself. This reading will also look at what can grow and heal from looking at those limitations and help you find the Light in all that you’re learning.

Finding the Light
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A Map of Your Soul’s Journey

A Reading For Your New Year

Would you like a reading that reads like a guidebook for your soul in 2019? Perhaps, you want a reading that will launch you to the next level? This reading is perfect for you! Think of it like a compass to find your True North or a map to help you navigate 2019. I blend tarot and oracle cards to give you an in-depth look at where you are, what you need to work on, and how to move forward with Spirit as your guide and co-creator. I’ve arranged it like a book with individual chapters you can refer back to time and time again, as you navigate your year.

Some Chapters included are:

  • Four areas of your life(Home/Family, Relationship, Wealth/Abundance, Work/Career or four specific topics of your choosing), helping you see where you are and where you are going

  • Your Soul Lesson or Growth Theme for 2019

  • Your Four Direction Cards(they help you see patterns and behaviors that are playing out in your life and reflect back how they affect what you are bringing into your life right now)

  • A Healing Circle reading to help see what to celebrate and what needs more focus and healing

  • Immediate Action Steps to work on to get you where you need to be

This reading also includes an email follow up to answer any questions you may have about your reading. There’s also an option to add on a 30 minute phone or video chat session at a deeply discounted price. These reading makes great gifts as well! Order by December 1st for a January 1st delivery.

A Map of Your Soul's Journey
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A Map of Your Soul's Journey (Gift Reading)
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