Soul Guidebooks


Soul Guidebooks: Email Readings Designed Specifically For You

These unique readings are especially powerful because they are designed just for you. No two readings are alike! They act like guidebooks for your soul, providing you with a compass to help you navigate whereever you are on your journey.


Together, we design your reading from scratch, going over what challenges you’ve been facing and what you would like to discover on your journey. There are three different types of cards that I use in these readings: Angel, Oracle, or Tarot cards. If you don’t know what to select, you can let me choose for you based on what you want to explore. These readings are delivered in e-book format for easy reading, giving you the ability to refer back to them time and time again as you move forward.

Not sure what you want you want to discover? That’s ok. I’ve also included set layouts for those who want a detailed overview about what’s happening on this part of their journey, but don’t have a specific goal in mind.

Not every guidebook needs to be a novel! There are times when you need a very detailed explanation of what’s going on and times where you just need a check in. That’s why I offer a selection of different sized readings. Please email me, if you’re not sure which one would work best for your situation.

The Soul Guidebooks

There are three different options for your Soul Guidebook: Still Waters, Navigating the Rapids, and The Changing Tides. I can use Tarot, Angel, or Oracle cards with any of these readings. If you have a preference, please specify when you book or feel free to email me to choose a deck that resonates with you.

Each of these Soul Guidebooks includes a follow up email to answer any questions you may have or places where further clarity is needed.

Would you prefer your Angel, tarot, or Oracle reading via phone or VideoChat?

I know that not all people are visual learners. Sometimes, hearing information and asking questions right then and there, works better for people. If this is you, head over to my Intuitive Guidance page and book an intuitive session with me. We can use Angel, Tarot, or Oracle cards, just like a Soul Guidebook would. Just specify what reading you were interested in having, in the notes and I will custom design something for our call.