Soul Tarot

intuitive tarot & oracle readings

Think of Soul Tarot readings like little, tiny e-books for your soul, helping to untangle the details, using tarot or oracle cards as visual guideposts to help see your current path more clearly.  You walk away with a clearer perspective on what’s happening in the present moment and understand how to use the Now to catapult you forward.

What is Soul Tarot?

Soul Tarot is my unique take on traditional tarot and oracle cards. Over the years of doing readings for myself and others, I noticed a lot of the questions(mine included) posed to the tarot were things like: “When will I meet my soulmate? Are they the perfect partner for me? When will I get my perfect job? What  does my future hold? Which decision, X,Y or Z, should I take?” I’ve never been a passive person, nor do I like people telling me what to do, so it’s not surprising that that style of tarot and oracle cards just wasn’t working for me. 

I took a step back and thought about what I loved about a good reading. I love it when readers connect to my guides. I love it when the reading is about exploring all my different options and the current energy surrounding me. I love it when angels or ascended masters drop in with love notes. I love it when I feel empowered and  I’m creating my future—not letting it just happen to me and reacting to it.

Based on those intentions, I created the Soul Tarot. I blend mediumship, the tarot or oracle, and intuitive coaching all together to bring you a reading that will empower you to co-create your own path forward.


How does a reading work?

I have designed these sessions to read like a guide book. Following that intent, each tarot reading is in a PDF format and reads like a book. It’s your own personal reference guide for your Soul’s Journey! The PDF format gives you the opportunity to refer back to the reading again and again as you move forward, enabling you to see how the cards unfold in you life and continue to give deeper messages as time goes on.

Before the soul book is written, we chat back and forth about what is happening in your life via email. You tell me what areas you want to focus on and I ask questions to make sure I know which path you are wanting to pursue. Using my mediumship and intuitive gifts, I design a spread that is unique to you, draw your cards, and then work with your Spirit Team for messages that go beyond the traditional meanings of the cards. After the soul tarot book is delivered to you, you get back to me with questions and observations and I tap back into Spirit to clarify any information you received that you may still have questions about. This helps you to fully understand and integrate the material. Each reading is different, but every reading includes content and steps to get you started working with what you learned from Spirit, so you move forward feeling empowered and with a clear direction to go in.

How long is a reading?

It really depends on how in-depth you want to go. There are three different “lengths” listed below. The descriptions there will give you a better idea of which “length” may be right for you.

How long will it take to receive a reading?

It depends on where you are on the list. Sometimes, I am able to start them right away and other times I have a list of readings already in the works. You can always email me to see how long the current wait is.

What if I don’t want an email reading and would prefer it in person or over the phone?

That’s ok too! I do offer phone tarot and oracle readings and sessions that don’t use cards at all. Head over to the Soul’s Journey page for more information and pricing. I don’t currently have an public office space, but I can see clients who live in the local area in person, if they prefer.


Chart Your Course

There are a variety of options to choose from. Please contact Jessica with further questions or if you need help selecting a length that's perfect for you.

still waters: a present moment reading
from 35.00

Finding stillness and tapping into the here and now can be extremely empowering and insightful. The Still Waters reading is a short reading that addresses your current energy in the present moment and how to work with that to launch yourself forward. This reading is also wonderful if you have one simple question you’d like more insight on.

If you are looking for more in-depth advice, please look into the Navigating the Rapids reading.


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navigating the rapids: an insightful look at a complex situation
from 65.00

When experiencing rough waters, sometimes we need a helping hand, so we can catch our breath again. This reading is designed to look into a more complex situation in your life. This mini soul tarot book gives detailed information about any one life situation - relationships, career, finances - it’s your choice. It’s about giving you a shift in perspective, so you can see more clearly what is happening and navigate the situation at hand with more ease.

If you are looking for more in-depth advice, please look into the Changing Tides reading.

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the changing tide: an in-depth life reading
from 150.00

Maybe you’re going through a big transition in life. Or perhaps you are on the cusp of transition - a birthday, the new year, a major life change - and you want to see the potential of your new story. Or maybe you feel like you’re treading water in all areas of your life and you’re ready to finally move forward.  This Soul Tarot book is the deep dive. Together, we custom design a reading that fits what you need in this moment. We can cover multiple areas in your life or focus on just one - it’s completely up to you. This reading allows us the space to explore the past, the present, and how to move forward into creating the life that’s for your highest and best.

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Seasonal & Limited Time Offerings


If I’ve learned one thing throughout my years as a reader, it’s that Tarot should be fun, too!

Part of the fun is changing things up a bit so nothing gets boring.  Sometimes you may want a reading that's a on the light side or takes a humorous look at your situation.  Other times, you may want to tap into the many amazing energetic moments come up during the year (think Full Moons, New Moon, Eclipses, Soltices, Holidays) - each lending its energy to helping us explore ourselves more fully.  Some of these readings will require us to dive into the Shadow Side and some will just be silly fun.  But all the time they will help you grow and explore who you are as a person.  

These season readings will be offered at a great price for a limited time and will change up frequently, so check back regularly to see if one calls your name.  Have an idea for a limited time reading? Let me know and I can design up something to share with every one.


Limited time offerings and Seasonal Readings Coming Soon!