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Some days, it can feel like we are wandering around in a bank of fog, clueless or unable to see what is actually happening around us. We’ve all been there—that state of confusion that renders us immobile. You think to yourself, “If I could just see this situation or relationship more clearly…” This state of confusion isn’t permanent and you don’t have to navigate it alone. Soul Tarot is for you.

Maybe you feel like the way you are living life just isn’t working for you. You may not know why, but you know you can’t keep doing it like this—you aren’t getting anywhere and you’re overwhelmed. It’s time to make changes but you don’t know where to start. Soul Tarot is for you.

You feel unmoored, floating around and unable to move forward because you’ve lost your direction. You know with a helping hand you could get moving on your own again. Soul Tarot is for you.

Soul Tarot is about empowering you, by giving you the bigger picture of what’s going on in your life. Predicting the future won’t help you move forward because the future can change in the blink of an eye. Instead, we find empowerment in the present moment.  We turn to what you are learning now and use it to catapult you forward, into a life that is fulfilling and beyond your wildest dreams.

Using tarot and mediumship as navigation tools to your Soul’s Journey, Jessica connects to your soul “blueprint” and your Guide Team to create a unique tarot experience designed just for you. She meets you exactly where you are on your path. Soul Tarot allows an expansive exploration of your current journey by posing the questions: What am I here for? What am I trying to learn? Why me? Why now? and can include insight on Soul Lessons, Soul Purpose, Soul Agreements, Soul Challenges and other aspects that play a huge part in your life.

Jessica will include Action Steps that help enable you to immediately start applying what you learned to make real and permeant change in your life. Delivered in an email PDF format, these readings allow you to review and reference them again and again, revealing more information as time goes on. For more details, take a peek at the specific sessions.


Chart Your Course

There are a variety of options to choose from each addressing a different aspect of your situation and life. Please contact Jessica with further questions or if you need help selecting a layout that's perfect for you.

still waters: a present moment reading
from 35.00

Sometimes, the greatest help we can receive is insight into our present state. This reading will give a quick look at your present energy or address a simple question.  It also includes Action Steps to get you moving forward right away.

If you are looking for more in-depth advice, please look into the Navigating the Rapids reading.


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navigating the rapids: an insightful look at a complex situation
from 65.00

When experiencing rough waters, sometimes we need a helping hand to get us back to the surface. This reading is designed to look into more complex situations in your life. This reading gives detailed information about any one life situation - relationships, career, finances - it’s your choice. The idea is to give you clarity, allowing you a different perspective on the current challenge and helping you to navigate the situation at hand with ease. This reading includes channeled messages and an Action Step Plan to help you apply what you’ve learned and shift into forward motion.

If you are looking for more in-depth advice, please look into the Changing Tides reading.

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the changing tide: an in-depth life reading
from 150.00

Perhaps you are starting over - a birthday, the new year, a major life change - or maybe you feel like you’re treading water in all areas of your life.  Thisreading is so intensive, it reads like a mini-guide book to your life. It’s designed to get you back on track and sailing forward smoothly.  Each area of life is covered: finances, relationships, well-being, soul lessons - as well as a look into the past energy, current future energy, and delve into ideas and patterns that will help and could hinder you along the way.  Writing and designing this reading with help from your Guide team, it includes channeled messages from your Spirit & Animal Guides or Angels and an Action Step Plan, as well as short messages from the crystals chosen to accompany your reading.

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Seasonal & Limited Time Offerings


If I’ve learned one thing throughout my years as a reader, it’s that Tarot should be fun, too!

Part of the fun is changing things up a bit so nothing gets boring.  Sometimes you may want a reading that's a on the light side or takes a humorous look at your situation.  Other times, you may want to tap into the many amazing energetic moments come up during the year (think Full Moons, New Moon, Eclipses, Soltices, Holidays) - each lending its energy to helping us explore ourselves more fully.  Some of these readings will require us to dive into the Shadow Side and some will just be silly fun.  But all the time they will help you grow and explore who you are as a person.  

These season readings will be offered at a great price for a limited time and will change up frequently, so check back regularly to see if one calls your name.  Have an idea for a limited time reading? Let me know and I can design up something to share with every one.


Limited time offerings and Seasonal Readings Coming Soon!