The Soul Studio

The Soul Studio was developed from a desire and a belief that people, no matter where they live, should have access to Spiritual Development classes. It was created to be a loving place where you can feel free to speak your truth and learn and explore in a comfortable, safe place without judgment.

Growing up as an empath and medium, I wished there had been classes out there to help me understand who I was on a Soul level and how to work with my gifts—not just survive them. I needed classes that would teach me and empower me, by showing me how to connect with Spirit on my own and help me dive deeper into why I was here on Earth. I’ve developed an interactive, intimate experience that allows people from all over the world a chance to work on expanding their gifts and gives them the opportunity to understand their Spiritual Journey more clearly.

What Makes the Soul Studio different from other Online classes?


Intimate, Small Group Setting

The Soul Studio classes are designed to be small and intimate experiences. In large online classes, it can be easy to get “lost in the crowd” and lose momentum. That’s why I limit each class to 10 people. I work with you in a small group setting, that allows you to have direct access to me and ask for help when you need it.


Private Facebook Group

I’ve noticed that the people who have the most success in opening up communication with Spirit are the ones who connect daily AND have a safe space to practice with like-minded people. That’s why I've included a private Facebook Group where you can connect with your classmates, ask questions, and participate in weekly challenges all designed to help you grow and understand how you work.

There will also be a once-a-month event on the Facebook group, where I offer free mini-readings to help you gain clarity on where you are on your journey.


An Interactive, Tailored Designed Learning Experience

Each session is tailored to the unique needs of the class members. This means no two Soul Studio classes are the same! I’ve also included both videos and written content to help you learn in a way that works best for you. Throughout the course, I adjust the material to meet you where you are at on your journey. Having trouble with a meditation? Email me and I’ll help. Confused with the homework? Post your questions in the Facebook Group and I’ll walk you through it. This class is designed to feel like a one-on-one mentorship experience, but without the hefty price tag!

Level One: Creating a Direct Line to Spirit

In our busy lives, it can be hard to sometimes get moving on our own or remember to make space to connect. In Creating a Direct Line to Spirit, I take the guess work out of intuitive development and give you a clear map to follow and a safe space to heal, recharge, practice, and learn.

I teach you the skills you need to foster your own unique ability to work with Spirit everyday. This Level One class gives you a strong foundation to explore other avenues of psychic development and to connect with Spirit on your own, leaving you feeling confident and clear about the messages you receive. As you dive deeper into your intuitive gifts, you will enhance your spiritual connection, leaving you feeling more empowered as you continue on your spiritual journey.


This Class Covers How To:

-Develop Your Own Unique Daily Ritual (One that you can stick to!)

-Determine What Your Dominant Clair is and Develop Your Non-dominant Ones

-Connect with Your Guides, Angels, and Allies

-Start Working with Divination Tools and Figure Out Which One Works Best for You

-Understand Your Empathic Side or Empaths in Your Life and Learn about Energy Management for Healthy Spirit Work

The Soul Studio is meant to be an interactive experience. I’m not teaching to you—I’m sharing with you, as an equal. I open and hold sacred space for everyone, to help you connect and the class unfolds and changes with your participation and growth.

Jessica’s class was - like all her work! - mind opening and amazing. I got so much new awareness, expanded my intuitive gifts, and more easy ways to make use of it. In a way that feels good for me, fun, and aligned with my purpose work! Can’t recommend Jessica enough - go to her if you want to land your magic in this world in bigger ways!
— Astrid "Sparklegirl" Mueller,

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Frequently Asked Questions

Busy Schedule? I’ve got you! The learning material is pre-recorded and the live calls are recorded, as well, so you can watch them when you have time.

Never worked on Psychic Development Before? That’s ok! You’re in a unique—and perfect—position to learn a lot in a safe space. Because you have no previous experience, you can be open and ready to receive without bringing any blocks or obstacles in with you. Due to the intimate nature of the course, I can meet you where you are on any level.

Already have a lot of Psychic Development experience? Great! I love working with people who have already started their Spiritual Journey. Just like the beginners, I meet you where you are at and we go from there. I’m teaching you exactly what I do for myself and my clients and I fill in any blanks you might have missed along the way.

More information is coming soon! The next Soul Studio classes begin this Fall!

Join the Soul Studio wait list to be notified in advance of the public announcement of new session dates or to get any questions you might have answered.

Sign up early - Space is limited to 10 participants per session!

Level Two: Connecting directly to Your Spirit Guides and Angels - Coming Soon!

This class builds off of everything you learned in Creating a Direct Line to Spirit. We dive deeper into connecting with Spirit Guides and Angels. We also work on Understanding Signs and Messages outside of our daily connections. I teach you how to journey for yourself, to explore new places and work more deeply with your Spirit Team.

Prerequisite: Level One: Creating a Direct Line to Spirit

Advanced Classes: Soul Tarot and Introduction to Mediumship Coming this Winter!

Prerequisite: Level One: Creating a Direct Line to Spirit

Recommended: Level Two: Journey Work