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I’ll let you in on a secret:

You have more power than you realize. Yes, there are things that are out of your control. There are journey markers that are fixed or specific lessons you have chosen to learn, but you are not helpless nor are those things happening TO you. They’re just happening. How you react to those things is where true empowerment lies. And sometimes all it takes is just a shift in perspective—and a little help!

Each of us has our own unique journey. There is no “one size fits all” solution to how we each move through life. During times of change and challenges, our patience can be stretched thin, waiting to see how our life unfolds. It can leave us feeling powerless and frustrated. In fact, the Intuitive Guidance Sessions and the Soul Guidebooks were born from my own personal frustrations and the feeling that I was missing something in my life.

Over the years, I had bounced from class to class, reader to reader, looking for more clarity as to why I was here and what my purpose was, never finding an answer that truly “fit”. It was during my own life between life session, that my Guides showed me an amazing blueprint of my soul. It was multi-dimensional and had hundreds of layers that were constantly in motion. As I watched my Soul Blueprint, I noticed that every time I made a decision, the blueprint adjusted and changed to accommodate what I wanted to learn in this life.

The more I watched, the more I began to understand this:


Life isn’t a map set in stone. There is no one destination we need to arrive at. It’s a layering of all the different choices, experiences, and decisions we’ve made up until this point. It is a story that is constantly in motion and constantly changing. A story that we have the power to change, whenever we want to.

My mission in life is to help other people connect to this information for themselves, so they can become an active co-creator of their life.

  • You could experience a direct line to your Guides and Angels?

  • You listened to your Soul and understood your “blueprint”?

  • You could find joy even in the most challenging moments?

  • You could see the bigger picture, giving you clarity on how to move forward?

  • You understood why you were here and what you were learning?

  • You were able to go with the flow of your challenges, rather than fight against them?

  • You were able to focus on the here and now of the present and not get lost in the past or the future?

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How do you know if a session is right for you?  Perhaps you...

  • Are struggling with seeing the bigger picture or feel like there's a fog surrounding you

  • Feel like you are almost there, but need a nudge to get you to the next level

  • Keep repeating the same scenario over and over again in your life and you want to change it

  • Have hit a wall and you can't see a way around it

  • Are looking to further your connection with Spirit and be an active creator in your life

  • Are just curious and wanting some general insight into life on a whole

work with me…


Listen to Your Soul…

Intuitive Guidance & Mediumship Sessions

Sometimes, you can’t get the perspective you need to understand what is going on in this part of your journey. That’s where my one on one intuitive guidance and mediumship sessions come into play.


Empower Yourself

The Soul Studio: Classes & Intensives

I designed the Soul Studio as a loving and joyful place to learn, grow and expand your knowledge. Here we focus on empowering you, by teaching you intuitive development skills that allow you to create a direct line to Spirit. It’s in the Soul Studio, where you finally learn how to translate the language of your Soul, opening up a world of possibilities.


Dive Deeper

Soul Guidebooks: Soul Tarot, Angel & Oracle Card

Soul Guidebooks are email readings that designed specifically for you and what you want to dive deeper into. These unique readings are especially powerful because they are like act guidebooks for your soul, providing you with direction and a compass to help you navigate.


Life isn’t ever going to be perfect. There will be moments when everything flows and there will be moments when it all falls apart. It’s during the challenges that our soul makes the most progress—is given the biggest opportunity for growth.

However, you don’t have to navigate those challenging moments by yourself or in the dark. There’s help available to you right now. Reach out today and shine a light on what your soul wants you to know.


Jessica Paschke is an intuitive guide with a background in psychic mediumship. Her sessions are like a spotlight to your soul, sending light right where you need it, to help you thrive and find joy and clarity in your life.