Slow Down and Recharge: A Holiday Survival Tip

This week's Holiday Survival Tip is about Slowing Down and Recharging.

With all the rush to buy gifts for everyone else and parties to attend, we sometimes to forget to slow down and recharge ourselves. This week, treat yourself to something that revives your spirit and makes you take time for yourself. I’ve including some of my most favorite things that help me get re-connected to Spirit. I hope you enjoy the items I’ve featured and find something that will work for you.

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The Courage to Keep Going

Every where you look right now, you are being called to be Joyful. Every song, every candle lit, every message out there says, “Be Joyful!”, but the Holidays aren’t always joyful for everyone. In fact, finding joy can be downright impossible at times. Memories and feelings from the past can swirl up around us and, while some of these memories are pleasant, some are painful and carry with them the raw, unhealed parts of ourselves.

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Calm the Whirlwind

When we get busy and there’s noise and activity all around us, we can lose our footing and our imaginations can get away from us, creating scenarios that are fear based. Worries like: “what if this doesn’t work” or “what if this relationship ends” or “what if I can’t give everyone what they want” can create a whirlwind that turns into a tornado if left unchecked. It can leave us feeling like everything is off or wrong and we are out of sync. The thing is: we can change that, if we desire to.

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Power of Saying No: A Holiday Survival Tip

This week's Holiday Survival Tip is about the Power of Saying No.

The Holidays can be so much more fun when we say yes to things that resonate with us and no to things that don't--without feeling guilty! When we say no, we avoid burnout and that cranky feeling that comes with being depleted. How do you know what to say no to? I've got a short intuitive exercise that uses your body as a divination tool that will help with determining whether or not you say no.

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Are Your Beliefs Holding You Back?

How often do we miss an opportunity or a sign from Spirit because we only see what we believe is possible? How many self imposed boundaries prevent us from living a life full of joy and possibilities? This week, Spirit calls on you to make a shift in perception. Take a step back and look at the areas in your life where you feel stuck. Are there any beliefs or energy patterns present that may be holding you back?

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Honor Your Boundaries

This week’s advice: Honor your boundaries and be firm, but still be kind when you say no. As the Holiday Season approaches, you may find yourself feelings ALL of the feelings. Happy, sad, overwhelmed, triggered. Maybe you’re starting to get stressed or worrying about what will be expected of you from others. Perhaps you know this is the “season” where family members will want certain things from you—whether it’s time or money or participation. Or maybe it’s all those parties people invite you to and you’d rather just stay at home and nest. And the more you think about it the more stressed and over it you become—and it hasn’t even started yet.

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Soul Time

I ran away for some much needed “soul time” with one my tribe in Chicago for the weekend. It has been both relaxing and grounding in a way that’s different than meditation or yoga or a massage. It’s revitalized me in a way that those things can’t and stirred places in my soul that definitely needed stirring. It also shone a light on an area of my life that wasn’t in balance. 

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Dream the World into Being

What if changing the world was as simple as honoring your Truth and healing yourself? If you looked at it from that point of view, would healing the world be less overwhelming? Would you be more likely to step up, if you knew that by honoring, changing and healing yourself—just yourself, no one else—you would then change and heal the world? 

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Self-Respect & Intergrity

Ideas to ponder this week…..Self respect and Integrity. 

Self respect speaks to having boundaries that are healthy for you, taking care of yourself and making choices that support your well being. Where are you in terms of self-respect right now? Are you asking yourself: What is healthy for me? What supports me and helps me to thrive?(before you ask what others need)

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