Let Your LoveLight Shine: A Soul Tarot Layout

Valentine’s Day rolls around and people everywhere get relationships questions on the brain: Will I ever find the one? Will my marriage last forever? Will this current relationship work out? What can I do/say/think to find the one?

These are big questions. Of course we want to know if we will find love, but the real question being asked is, “Am I lovable? Am I worthy?”

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Spinning Out & Moving Forward

It seems as if the world is spinning so fast that we are struggling to stay on it’s wild ride--one whirlwind event after another, with never a moment in between to stop and get our bearings again. It’s exhausting. It’s like that weird spinning game kids play. You know the one: you spin and spin and spin until you’re crazy dizzy then fall onto the ground—where you continue to spin. I HATED that game as a kid. If I’m going to lay on the ground, I’m looking to feel supported and still, not whirling about. I’m still not a fan of spinning—whether it’s the physical kind or the emotional and spiritual kind that stems from being overwhelmed. And let’s be honest, lately the events happening around us can really get us spinning, if we let them.

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Looking the Monster in the Face

The racist, alt-right march in Virginia is the monster under the bed that is finally crawling out from the darkness and showing itself in the day time. It’s horrific. It’s awful. We can’t imagine how “those people” can be so hateful, so awful. But here’s the catch: It is all of us. That’s right. These people are part of the human collective, whether you want them to be or not. And since we are ALL connected, we too are connected to that energy—that ugliness. It is part of us.

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Create Your Own Calendar

A friend called me a few mornings ago,”So you know there’s a full moon with a lunar eclipse and it’s messing around with your rising sign of Leo, right?” My response, “Huh, I knew I seemed a little more crazy as of late. Thanks for the heads up.” Then another friend called later in the day, “Hey did you know that the Lion’s Gate is opening soon??” “Lion’s what?” “Lion’s gate! I’ll send you the article.” Another friend texted, “When does Mercury Retrograde start? I want to be prepared!”

I don’t know about you, but it seems like everywhere I turn there’s some “huge”  energetic event that’s going to throw me for a loop, like a lunar eclipse or a solar eclipse or the lion’s gate opening or mercury retrograde or a full moon or a new moon.

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Follow Your Heart

You must make a decision: Will you listen to your inner voice or will you let your busy mind drive your existence? Will you base all your choices on and make all decisions though logic or will you tap into the vast creative potential of your heart for guidance forward? Allow your inner voice to inspire you this week.

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Being Human & Under Construction~Part Two

While the Being Human part was the planned summer change, the other thing that happened was totally, 100% unplanned. I went into a phase like I like to call “under construction”.  It’s kind of like the road construction you see in the summer. A ton of roads all blocked off, traffic backed up—it’s a mess— but an organized mess— with the intention that at the end everything will run better. I think I’m getting back to the point where I can reopen all the lanes. I think. I won’t rush it, though. I’m still just going with the flow.

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