About Jessica

Jessica, thank you so much for your time and for sharing your amazing gift with me, I feel privileged to have been in touch with you, and I am convinced you have a genuine God-given gift.
— KA in England

Jessica Paschke is an intuitive guide with a background in psychic mediumship. Her sessions are like a spotlight to your soul, sending light right where you need it, to help you thrive and find joy and clarity in your life.

In each session, you have access to all Jessica has to offer, whether it’s tarot, angel cards, oracle cards, or mediumship. Using these tools, she helps you gain a new perspective on what is happening in your personal and business life, connecting you with Spirit and your own inner power. She also gives you practical and helpful action steps that can be immediately applied to your life.

With every session, Jessica’s warmth and joy immediately makes you feel comfortable and open to the messages coming through. Her sessions get you moving forward again and thriving in all that you do.

Each of us has our own unique journey. There is no “one size fits all” solution to how we each move through life. During times of change and challenges, our patience can be stretched thin, waiting to see how our life unfolds. It can leave us feeling powerless and frustrated. In fact, the Intuitive Guidance Sessions and the Soul Guidebooks were born from my own personal frustrations and the feeling that I was missing something in my life.

Over the years, I had bounced from class to class, reader to reader, looking for more clarity as to why I was here and what my purpose was, never finding an answer that truly “fit”. It was during my own life-between-life session, that my Guides showed me an amazing blueprint of my soul. It was multi-dimensional and had hundreds of layers that were constantly in motion. As I watched my Soul Blueprint, I noticed that every time I made a decision, the blueprint adjusted and changed to accommodate what I wanted to learn in this life.

The more I watched, the more I began to understand this:

Life isn’t a map set in stone. There is no one destination we need to arrive at. It’s a layering of all the different choices, experiences, and decisions we’ve made up until this point. It is a story that is constantly in motion and constantly changing. A story that we have the power to change, whenever we want to.

My mission in life is to help other people connect to this information for themselves, so they can become active co-creators of their lives.

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I believe that the more you learn, the greater you understand the Language of Your soul” -Jessica

Jessica firmly believes that intuitive guides are only as good as their ability to translate what they are receiving. Because of this, Jessica is constantly learning new ways of bringing spiritual messages to her clients. Most recently, Jessica became certified as a Kyle Gray Certified Practitioner and a Certified Angel Card Mastery graduate, after extensive study with both his Angel Tribe program and his Hay House program. She is also a Certified Oracle Card Guide with Colette Baron-Reid via her Oracle School having complete both Personal Mastery and Shared Wisdom.


Jessica has a profound ability to access spirit. Whatever question, inquiry or concern you have, she has a beautiful way of interpreting and giving you succinct and thorough ways to coping with difficult situations and moving forward. Her positive way of viewing individuals and situations is refreshing. She is such an incredible gift to all of us and I am forever grateful.
— Maureen Dunn, New York
Jessica helped me over the last few years to radically change my life and choose a new direction in work, relationships, location, school and more. Having her encouragement and foresight made those changes easier to consider and I was able to navigate many of the monumental decisions with more confidence. She is patient and willing to work with me repeatedly on small and large issues and I have not yet come across a topic that she cannot handle. It’s also helpful to get encouragement to make these bold moves that I would not otherwise have seriously considered, but ended up getting me much further than I could imagine.
— Sarah Haggerty, www.sarahhaggerty.com
On two separate occasions I asked Jessica to sort out core issues of two long-standing, painful friendships. Both times the readings were uncannily direct, perfectly portraying the situations. Jessica was able to easily interpret the card symbols and skillfully speak to the meaning and application of the Tarot message. I was able to trust Jessica’s intuitive ability because of the process she uses to first call on four eminent Archangels — Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, Uriel – then her own guides, ending with asking permission from my own Angel and Spiritual Guides.

Jessica is truly gifted with capacities to “see the whole picture” and to convey in a simple, unpretentious manner deeper layers of meaning that elude one’s own earnest effort to uncover. Jessica is definitely someone to call on for Self-knowledge that leads to healing and inspiration!
— SM in North Carolina

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