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Jessica, thank you so much for your time and for sharing your amazing gift with me, I feel privileged to have been in touch with you, and I am convinced you have a genuine God-given gift.
— KA in England

Hello! I am an intuitive guide, currently living in Indiana. I’m also a mother, a military spouse, a vocal performer and coach, and a psychic medium.  My adventurous spirit and love of travel has led to multiple moves—from Puerto Rico to Alaska and everywhere in between—all the while, exploring and pursuing my many different interests ranging from Flight Attendant to Vocal Coach to Musical Theatre Performer.

As you can tell, life has brought many changes to my doorstep and I know first hand how hard it can feel—and sometimes be!— to start over and find the courage it takes to jump into the unknown. It's these opportunities and changes that are what makes me uniquely suited to help guide you through your own challenges and transitions.

In fact, the Soul’s Journey and Soul Tarot sessions were born from my own personal frustrations and the feeling that I was missing something.

I was living in New England with my young child and my husband and was practicing mediumship in a small holistic center.  Life was fine.  Work was going well.  I was happy, but I couldn’t help but feel I was missing something.  I knew that I was supposed to be an intuitive advisor professionally, however, the spiritual mediumship sessions I was offering were not fulfilling me in the way I thought they would.  I just couldn’t place my finger on what was missing.  

I knew another big shift was coming, with an impending cross country move, and I was more motivated than ever to get my feet under me before that upheaval occurred. Confused and lost, I reached out to a friend for a life between lives hypnotherapy session, hoping I would discover that missing piece.  I did, but not in the way that I expected.  

The session was full of amazing information about what my soul does when it’s in between lives - and even current and past life information appeared - but, it was something I actually saw during the session that changed my life forever.  My Guides showed me my Soul Blueprint.

It was this amazing multi-dimensional, multi-layered blueprint that was all lit up in different shades of blue.  It looked like one of those holograph images from a sci-fi movie.  Its purpose was to show the map of my current human life.  I walked over to look at the blueprint more closely and in it, I saw all of these constantly moving lines and shifting levels. I could see it contained my Soul Purpose, Soul Lessons, and Soul Agreements, in addition to past decisions, choices, relationships and events in my life.

I saw that no matter what choice I made, the blueprint shifted to support my overall “mission” on earth.  It dawned on me that my life on earth was fluid and my path in constant motion, adjusting for choices that were made, so that I would still be successful in learning what I needed to while in a human body.

It blew my mind.

Over the next few weeks, I began to understand, through working with my own blueprint, that life isn’t a set map.  It’s a layering of all the different choices and experiences and decisions I’ve made up until that point. And that’s when I had my epiphany:

Jessica is a Kyle Gray Certified Angel Guide & Angel Card Practitioner

Jessica is a Kyle Gray Certified Angel Guide & Angel Card Practitioner

Life wasn’t happening to me — I was creating it.

It was one of the most empowering moments in my life and I knew, then and there, that I had to help other people connect to this information.  Others needed to understand how their paths and lives worked, so they could make the most of their time here on earth. From that “a-ha!” moment, the Soul’s Journey and Soul Tarot sessions were born.

I’m honored to be here to help connect you with Spirit, so you can learn and grow as a soul, feel empowered in your day to day life, take advantage of the new beginnings that have been gifted to you, and find your joy!

On two separate occasions I asked Jessica to sort out core issues of two long-standing, painful friendships. Both times the readings were uncannily direct, perfectly portraying the situations. Jessica was able to easily interpret the card symbols and skillfully speak to the meaning and application of the Tarot message. I was able to trust Jessica’s intuitive ability because of the process she uses to first call on four eminent Archangels — Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, Uriel – then her own guides, ending with asking permission from my own Angel and Spiritual Guides.

Jessica is truly gifted with capacities to “see the whole picture” and to convey in a simple, unpretentious manner deeper layers of meaning that elude one’s own earnest effort to uncover. Jessica is definitely someone to call on for Self-knowledge that leads to healing and inspiration!
— SM in North Carolina
I have to say Jessica is the most empathic intuitive reader I have ever had the good fortune to come into contact with! Her reading was 100% accurate and completely blew me away.

To be honest, it was so accurate I actually went back over my previous communication with her as I thought I must have “revealed” my story prior to receiving her reading... but no, I had not told her anything other than my age and the city I live in.

As I have said, this is the most accurate reading I have ever had (and I have had a lot of readings). She has been amazing, and I would highly recommend Jessica to anyone.
— KA in England

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