Soul Guidance & Angel Sessions

empowering and inspiring intuitive sessions

The Soul Guidance sessions are like a flashlight for your soul, lighting the way so you can clearly see the path ahead.

Jessica is a Kyle Gray Certified Angel Guide Practitioner

Jessica is a Kyle Gray Certified Angel Guide Practitioner

Whether you are going through a big life transition or need help finding a clear direction for your business or personal life, I can help you access information that will leave you feeling empowered and ready to take life to the next level.

During a session we:

  • Shed light on things that you can't see from your current vantage point, allowing you to get a clear look at where you are and where you are going

  • Untangle things, looking for repeating energetic patterns or “blocks” and discussing areas that you feel are “off”

  • Connect to your Spirit Team to find answers and practical solutions that will move you forward again feeling inspired and re-energized

  • Use all the tools in my toolbox: Soul Tarot, Angel Cards, Oracle Cards, and/or Mediumship

Our time together is about navigating new beginnings and transitions, seeing all the possibilities available to you, and helping you find your joy again!

Is this session right for me?


How do you know if a session is right for you?  Perhaps you...

  • Are struggling with seeing the bigger picture or feel like there's a fog surrounding you

  • Feel like you are almost there, but need a nudge to get you to the next level

  • Feel like you keep repeating the same scenario over and over again in your life and you want to change it

  • Have hit a wall and you can't see a way around it

  • Are looking to further your connection with Spirit and be an active creator in your life

Then a Soul Guidance session is right for you!

Don't have any specific questions, but are looking for a "general" reading? Soul Guidance sessions are great for you too! Using my unique Soul Tarot approach and/or Angel Cards, we can explore what's happening for you right now and get guidance on how to move forward or make the most of that energy.

Wanting in-depth help with just your business? I'm offering a fabulous package of four Soul Guidance sessions for entrepreneurs, just for you! Click on schedule a session for more details.

Please contact me for more details or if you have any questions!

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